Scaling Burs Tungsten Carbide Burs Fg 5 Pcs/Pk


Scaling burs tungsten carbide burs FG are used for sectioning an impacted wisdon tooth prior to its extraction/separating roots, removing a broken root stump cutting a tooth horizontally at neck kevel, reworking temporary teeth of acrylic material/preparing a shoulder on the vestibular side of the tooth, removing tartar, big scales when cleaning teeth, and fast entering root canal, the end is round and no-cut so it is safe and easily confirm the position.

Head Sizes: 0.1mm – 100mm; Shank Types: FG; Shank Diameter: FG 1.6mm; Total Length: ET3 19mm; ET5 21mm.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Head Diameter (1/10mm)

9, 12

Head Length(mm)

3.0, 5.5

Shank Type



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