Flat End Cylinder Tungsten Carbide Cutters Hp


Flat end cylinder tungsten carbide cutters HP are used for coarse abrasion on gold and other precious metals, leaving a smooth surface on acrylics. Used on gold, composite veneers or ceramics prior to final firing, they always display convincing cutting proper and an impressively long service life.

Head Sizes: 0.1mm – 100mm; Shank Types: HP; Shank Diameter: HP 2.35mm; Total Length: HP 44.5mm.
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1. High strength and hardness.

2. Abrasion resistant, practical and durable in use.

3. With high-quality processing and long service life.

4. Packed with storage case for safety storage and protection.

5. For precious metal alloys, acrylic, porcelain veneer, etc.


1. For laboratory milling, crown and bridge, acrylic and porcelain veneer, model casting, model production, acrylic.

2. For coarse abrasion on chrome-cobalt alloys, precious metal alloys, chrome-nickel alloys, model cast alloys, acrylic.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Head Diameter (1/10mm)


Cutting Length (mm)


Shank Type



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