Flame Football Diamond Burs Hp 30 Pcs/Pk


Flame football diamond burs HP are ideal for molding and gross reduction, great work on PFM, chrome & ceramic materials, and also for grinding and engraving on metal, wood, bone, jade, PVC, glass and stone carving. They can be used as glass drill, diamond drill bit, jewelry drill and little engraving.

Head Sizes: 0.1mm – 100mm; Shank Types: HP; Shank Diameter: HP 2.35mm; Total Length: HP 44.5mm.
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* Composite polishing burs, polishing burs for dentistry

* Using high-quality diamond particles, make sure each bur is sharp and long life working.

* Sharp and Durable.

Diamond burs made of non-rusting stainless steel with the tightest tolerances in the shank and a constant shape. Offers a high diamond density – therefore a maximum service life, high grinding efficiency and a high binding quality which prevents the diamond graining from breaking up or the diamond coating from flaking.


>Used for Grinding or Polishing Ceramics.

>HP Diamonds burs adopt cutting-edge electroplating diamond bonding technology, it provides more exposed diamond grits surface on the head tips and edges for outstanding dental lab prosthesis cutting, finishing, and polishing ability.

>Dental HP diamond burs with coarse grits are ideal rotary fools for porcelain prostheses.

> The Electroplated Diamond Burs are used for carving, grinding, sanding, etching of soft stones, ceramic, tile and glass.

What is the difference between flame-shaped and wheel-shaped diamond burs?

The flame-shaped diamond burs act as abrasive to offer a fine filling surface. The flame-shaped burs have other designs of; The wheels-shaped diamond FG burs are specific for crown cutting. It provides excellent occlusal clearance, incisal reduction, and palatal fossa reduction of anterior teeth while crown cutting and preparation.

Additional information

Weight N/A

MG16, MG23, MG50, MR23, SG50, SF60, CF60

Head Diameter (1/10mm)

16, 23, 50, 60


Black, Green, Blue

Shank Type



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