Cylinder Fully Sintered Diamond Burs HP


Cylinder fully sintered diamond burs HP are ideal for lapidary, jewelling, engraving, and sculpting in gemstones, opals, glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain and hard wood.

Head Sizes: 0.1mm – 100mm; Shank Types: HP; Shank Diameter: HP 2.35mm; Total Length: HP 44.5mm.
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Cylinder burs are largely used for metal removal and perform a similar function to a hand file.

The twist cut pictured above can be used to grind and smooth metal and is particularly useful for the inside of ring shanks thanks to the wide cutting face.


Model: A050S

Color: Black

Grit: 544-Super Coarse

Head Shape: Cylinder

Cutting Length (mm): 12

Head Diameter (1/10 mm): 50

Shank Diameter (mm): 2.35

Shank Type: 11-Straight Handpiece

ISO Number: 807.104.112.544.050


*Extremely durable, long lasting and economical.

* For use with handheld hobby drills, pendant drills, micro motors, drill press, flex shaft

* Lasts much longer than a standard plated diamond bur.

* Sintered burs will last 5 to 10 times longer than diamond plated burs

* Sintered burs will last up to 100 times longer than various types of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide mounted abrasive points

* Designed for aggressive and faster grinding

* Cylinder abrasive burs are available in materials such as silicon carbide or high-grade corundum. Silicone polishers are also produced in cylinder shapes.


>Perfect for engraving, carving and sculpting in glass, stone, ceramics and hard wood, plus grinding work in Lapidary and jewelry.

> Glass, Jewelry, Lapidary & Dental Lab Sintered Diamond Bur HP Shank.

>Diamond rotary instrument for precision work

Who uses them?

1. They are used by dentists, dental lab workers, jewelers, and hobbyists.

2. Cylinder shape burs are also useful for hobbyists and woodcarvers.

– Ideal deterioration and finishing of surface applications


1. Dental Lab Usage: Fast aggressive on porcelain and some kind of metals. For prepping metal and ceramic.

2. Lapidary / Jewelry / Gem Usage: Good for texturing. Can be used on all kinds of stones and metals. Fast aggressive and bulk removal.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Head Diameter (1/10mm)

37, 50, 60


Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

Shank Type



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