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4114 Dental Composite Silicone Polishing Kit For Low-Speed Handpiece Grinding Head Porcelain/Natural Teeth/Amalgam/Metal Polisher Dental Tools, includes Coarse : Ar101C, Ar103C, Ar104C, Ar106C; Medium :Ar101M, Ar103M, Ar104M, Ar106M; Fine: Ar101F, Ar103

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Package: 12 pcs/set

Model: 4114 (Includes Coarse: AR101C, AR103C, AR104C, AR106C;  Medium: AR101M, AR103M, AR104M, AR106M;   Fine: AR101F, AR103F, AR104F, AR106F;  1 pcs each model)

Color: 4 pcs Black, 4 pcs Brown, 4 pcs Light Green

Grit: Black-Coarse, Brown-Medium, Light Green-Fine

Cutting Length (mm): AR101C/AR101M/AR101F: 7;     AR103C/AR103M/AR103F: 10;   AR104C/AR104M/AR104F: 1;   AR106C/AR106M/AR106F: 11

Head Diameter (1/10 mm): AR101C/AR101M/AR101F: 3;     AR103C/AR103M/AR103F: 5;   AR104C/AR104M/AR104F: 10;   AR106C/AR106M/AR106F: 7

Shank Diameter (mm): 2.35

Shank Type: 204-RA/CA Standard


1. Light weight and portable, and convenient to use.

2. The bending handle is suitable for all dental slow machines.

3. Mainly used in porcelain/natural teeth, light curing resin polishing.

4. Concentricity is stable, good decontamination effect.

5. Without any medical polishing paste, you can directly out of high brightness.

6. Anti high temperature, will not cause any black teeth and burial phenomenon.

7. Imported material production, polishing effect is good.


1. Porcelain/Natural Teeth Polishing RA

2. Amalgam/Metal Polishing RA

3. Composite Finish and Polish RA

4. Dental Silicone Grinding Heads Teeth Polisher


1. When the low-speed bending machine is in forward rotation, install the black polisher and remove gold, precious metals and alloys.

2. Brown polisher for smoothing and polishing for precious metals and alloys.

3. Light green polisher for final finishing precious metals and alloys.

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